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Halloween Craft

Halloween Craft - the hottest Halloween trending free online game is waiting for you. It brings to mind the classic Match 3 genre. The new features it brings, though, will help you think more logically and strategically. Appreciate the appealing aesthetics and innovative gameplay.

A 5x6 grid with vacant cells will be shown. A box that has been opened is in the lower portion. There is something inside. This will appear here if you click any square. Then there will be something more in the box. Put at least three identical objects in close proximity to one another. They'll vanish, leaving behind a brand-new substance.

Halloween without a Pumpkin: A Magical Game

Ten distinct things are available for play. Ghosts, monsters, lollipops, etc. You have no control over which one comes after another. It is the element of the title that is the hardest. There are some unnoticed tendencies, though—lollipops and headgear appear more frequently.

The items have the ability to change into new things. Kittens, for instance, transform into a broom. bats can turn into ghosts. So, while deciding which cell to click on, utilize reasoning.

Halloween Craft: Objectives and Levels to Play

The goal is to accumulate as many points as you can. When there are no more open squares, the game is over. The creators added 4 complexity levels to it to add interest:

  • 50-Step
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Time attack

The only difference between the first and second is the arrangement of the objects. It becomes more disorganized and challenging to match 3-membered groups at level number 2. The third and fourth, however, impose some restrictions. It has to do with the time and amount of moves, as you could have guessed. You only have 119 seconds in the last mode.


  • It is advisable to place various objects apart. Particularly at first, when you have enough room.
  • Cornerwise objects won't mix together. Put them in a row or lower or upper by one square.

How to play Halloween Craft

Using Mouse or keyboard

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