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Custom Wordle

Custom Wordle is a creative variation of the classic game Wordle that allows players to customize their gameplay experience by setting their own rules and words to guess. This variation adds a personalized touch to the traditional Wordle game and offers players the opportunity to challenge their friends or others with their unique word choices.



The main objective of Custom Wordle is to guess a hidden word in six tries using the colored clues provided after each guess. The game uses a system of colored tiles to indicate the correctness of the guessed letters in terms of both their existence and their positions within the word.


  1. The player who sets up the Custom Wordle game begins by entering a word of any chosen length that the other players will need to guess.
  2. The creator of the game then generates a link that can be shared with friends or other players to invite them to participate in guessing the customized word.
  3. Participants enter their guesses for the word, one letter at a time.
  4. After each guess, the game provides colored clues to help players understand the accuracy of their guess:
    • Green: The guessed letter is in the correct spot within the word.
    • Yellow: The guessed letter is in the word but in the wrong spot.
    • Gray: The guessed letter is not in the word at all.


The goal is to guess the word within six tries by using the clues to narrow down the possibilities. The game adds an element of strategy and deduction as players work to identify the correct letters and their positions based on the provided clues.


The defining feature of Custom Wordle is that players have the freedom to input their own words for others to guess. This customization allows for endless possibilities and creativity, making the game more engaging and personalized.

Custom Wordle offers a twist on the traditional Wordle game by allowing players to create their own challenges and share them with friends. This variation encourages players to think critically, strategize, and collaborate while having fun with a customized and engaging word-guessing experience.

How to play Custom Wordle

In six trials, uncover the secret word.

Every attempt must contain a real 5-letter word.

The color of the letters changes after each attempt to indicate how close you are to spelling the word.

In order to boost interest and curiosity to try to uncover the words to which you have been challenged by each other, the game allows you to post the results on social networks while illuminating the sequence of tries with colors but hiding the letters. Identify the previous word: There could be letter repetitions. Each letter doesn't affect the clues in any way. Every time you create a link, a new word appears!

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