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Immaculate Grid Football

Immaculate Grid Football is a daily trivia game centered around football, powered by Sports Reference. The game is designed to challenge participants' knowledge of football players, teams, and statistics.

Here are some key points about how the game works:

  1. Grid Format: The game consists of a grid with rows and columns. Each row and column has specific criteria associated with it.

  2. Player Selection: To play the game, participants need to select a football player for each cell that matches the criteria specified for that cell's row and column. The goal is to fill out the entire grid with accurate player selections.

  3. Guesses and Limitations: Players have nine guesses to complete the grid. Each guess counts as a guess, regardless of whether it is correct or incorrect.

  4. Player Usage Limit: Once a player is used in a cell, they cannot be selected again in any other cell. So, participants need to strategize their choices to ensure they pick the most appropriate players for each combination.

  5. Active and Inactive Players: Eligible players can be either active or inactive, encompassing players from the NFL, AFL, or AAFC.

  6. Previous Franchise Names: Historical franchise names are taken into account for player selection. For instance, players who were part of the Houston Oilers would match for the Tennessee Titans, and players from the St. Louis Rams would match for the Los Angeles Rams.

  7. Award Criteria: When selecting players for team and award cells, the player must have won the award during a season in which they appeared for that specific team.

  8. Super Bowl Winners: Players selected for Super Bowl-winning teams must have appeared in a game for that team during the season they won the Super Bowl.

  9. Season Stats: When selecting players for the team and season stat cells, the player must have recorded the specified statistic while playing for that team. If a player played for multiple teams in a season, the stat must have been achieved while playing for the team in question.

  10. Two Stat/Awards Cells: Players may qualify for two stat/award cells even if they accomplished the stats or awards in different seasons.

The game refreshes daily at 9:00 AM ET with a new grid for participants to tackle. It provides an exciting challenge for football enthusiasts to test their knowledge of players, teams, and football history. The primary source of information for the game is Sports Reference, a comprehensive sports statistics website.

If you are interested in playing the Immaculate Grid football game, you can likely find it on the Sports Reference website or through their official channels. Remember, the game is updated daily, so you can engage in a fresh challenge every day.

How to play Immaculate Grid Football

Using mouse

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