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Foodle is a Wordle-inspired word game created by Daniel Anyanwoke. The most significant distinction between Foodle and Wordle is that Foodle requires players to come up with food-related responses.

If you love food, cooking, restaurants, nutrition, and everything in between, Wordle with Foodle is the perfect tool for you! Creating a Wordle about anything related to food can be challenging, but it’s also really fun and a great way to explore topics you might not have thought about before.

Players can think of any word they want for Wordle, but it's much more fun to think of food-related answers! That's where Foodle comes in. It’s still a word game, but instead of coming up with any word you want, you need to come up with answers related to food. It’s just as challenging as Wordle but so much more fun!

Wordle is a great game that challenges your mind. Foodle takes Wordle to the next level by creating answers that are all about food. How many food-related answers can you come up with? Test your knowledge of food terms and definitions with Foodle.

If you love word games, then you’ll enjoy this twist on an old favorite. Let's start playing Foodle for free today!

How to play Foodle

Foodle: How to Play

Foodle participants begin the game by typing a five-letter word of their choice, similar to Wordle. However, the word must, of course, be related to food; otherwise, it will not be accepted. Salad, sauce, and berry are some examples of possible words to get you started.

You can also request that a five-letter food-related word be added to the game's existing word list if you predict one.

After then, players will have six chances to properly identify the Foodle daily word. Every day, a new Foodle answer is added.

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