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About Zp-ordle Game:

Zp-ordle: A Unique Number Guessing Challenge

Welcome to the world of Zp-ordle, a one-of-a-kind number guessing game that combines mathematical intricacy with the thrill of prediction. In Zp-ordle, every day presents a new challenge as a random integer is selected between 0 and 1000. Your mission? To guess that number using 10 attempts, each associated with a prime number. However, what sets Zp-ordle apart is the use of p-adic distances, a fascinating mathematical concept, to gauge your proximity to the target number. Are you up for the challenge? Let's explore this intriguing game further.


How to play Zp-ordle

Playing Zp-ordle requires both mathematical insight and strategic thinking. Here's how you can embark on your journey to guess the target number:

  1. Prime-Numbered Guesses: You have 10 attempts at your disposal, and each attempt is associated with a prime number. These prime numbers are provided in increasing order.

  2. Guessing the Target: Utilize each of your 10 guesses to predict the target number, which is randomly chosen between 0 and 1000.

  3. Understanding p-adic Norm: The game employs the concept of p-adic distances, where the p-adic norm of an integer is defined as p^-k, with x = np^k, and n not divisible by p. In simpler terms, it's a measure of how "far" an integer is from being divisible by a prime number p.

  4. Measuring Proximity: After each guess, the game calculates the p-adic distance between your guess and the target number. This distance reflects how close or far your guess is from the actual number.

  5. Strategic Guessing: Make educated guesses based on the feedback provided. Aim to minimize the p-adic distance to increase your chances of guessing the correct number.

Game Rules:

Zp-ordle follows a set of specific rules to ensure a fair and challenging gameplay experience:

  • You have 10 attempts to guess the target number.
  • Each attempt is associated with a prime number in increasing order.
  • The p-adic distance between your guess and the target number is used to measure your proximity.
  • The goal is to guess the target number accurately using the fewest attempts possible.


Zp-ordle offers several features to make your gaming experience engaging and intellectually stimulating:

  • Mathematical Challenge: Put your mathematical skills to the test as you explore the intriguing concept of p-adic distances.

  • Daily Challenge: With a new random integer each day, Zp-ordle keeps the game fresh and exciting, offering a daily intellectual challenge.

  • Strategic Thinking: Develop strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities as you aim to minimize the p-adic distance with each guess.

  • Educational: Zp-ordle offers an educational aspect, allowing players to explore and grasp mathematical concepts in a fun and interactive way.


Zp-ordle is more than just a number guessing game; it's a mathematical journey that challenges your analytical skills and strategic thinking. With its daily challenges and the use of p-adic distances, Zp-ordle offers a unique and intellectually stimulating gaming experience. If you're ready to put your mathematical prowess to the test and enjoy a daily dose of brain-teasing fun, Zp-ordle is the game for you. Can you master the p-adic distances and guess the target number with precision? Play Zp-ordle and find out!

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