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Yordzzle is a puzzle game where you need to guess words within certain constraints. It shares similarities with Wordle but offers additional features and customization options.

  1. Daily Infinite Word Mode: Yordzzle allows you to play without any daily limits. You can play as much as you want every day.
  2. Challenging Friends: After completing a round, you have the option to share your game with friends and challenge them to beat your score. You can view the Challenge History to see the results of these challenges.
  3. Statistics: Yordzzle offers various statistics to track your performance. This includes favorite words, great runs, high win rates, and more. You can access the Stats screen to view and analyze these numbers.
  4. Difficulty Modes: If you find the standard game too easy, Yordzzle provides a Hard Mode option. You can modify the mode on the Settings page to increase the difficulty level.
  5. Customizable Look: If you prefer a different visual appearance for the game, Yordzzle allows you to change the site's look. This can be done on the Settings page.

How to play Yordzzle

There are a few guidelines for playing this game, which is similar to Wordle:

Yordzzle offers the same Wordle experience as before, plus a few extra features.

  • No daily cap on how much you can play!
  • Share your game with friends after finishing a round and challenge them to beat your score. To view the outcomes, consult the Challenge History.
  • Many statistics! Favorite terms, the finest starters, winning percentages, streaks... To see everything and more, check out the Stats screen.
  • Find the common game to be too simple? Attempt Hard Mode. Modify the modes on the Settings page.
  • Dislike the appearance? Change up the theme... On the Settings page, switch themes.

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