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The goal of the game Xordle Online is the same as the goal of Wordle, but it offers multiple options for how many games you can play each day as well as the ability to play Xordle Online indefinitely.

What Is the Online Xordle Game? It's an extremely easy game. It entails correctly guessing a word nine times. If you succeed, Xordle wordle will display the attempt in which you were successful. The option to share it on social media is then provided. It can only be played endlessly in random mode or once per day in daily mode.

Xordle - instead of finding words that begin with a certain letter, in a Xordle game word search, you will find words that contain a certain Xordle card.

This amazing game is a variation of Wordle by Josh Wardle. One board, two hidden words, no word overlap, and a random clue are the rules.

How to play Xordle

Due to its ease of use and the fact that you only have 9 tries to complete the task, this personalized Wordle puzzle has become very popular (the same for all players). When a user solves a word, they are unable to play again until they are sent a link with a new word. From our perspective, it is a success since it is framed as an addictive task.

Rules of Xordle:

- In nine trials, figure out the concealed word.

- Every attempt must contain a real 5-letter word.

- The color of the letters changes after each attempt to indicate how close you are to spelling the word.

- Two words are kept as a secret.

- There are no letters between them.

- To guess both words, you have nine chances.

- You begin with an arbitrary hint.

- It applies to everyone equally.

In order to boost the interest and curiosity to try to uncover the word to which you have been challenged by each other, the game lets you publish the results on social media while illuminating the sequence of tries with colors but hiding the letters. Identify the previous word.

Examples of Xordle games

Each time you enter a 5-letter word, the program will inform you of the letters that are present. If the letter is present but not in the proper position, the program will display a yellow color.

Your guess's letters are:

  • Green if it appears in both words (right letter, right spot);
  • Yellow if it does (right letter, wrong spot);
  • Grey if neither word contains it.

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