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Wordwheel is an engaging word puzzle game that challenges players to create as many four or more-letter words as possible using a set of letters. Inspired by the popular Daily Express Target Puzzle, Wordwheel tasks players with forming words that contain the center letter and at least one nine-letter word. With each word, players must use each letter only once and avoid plurals, while verb forms ending in "S" are permitted. This addictive game offers a fun and challenging way to test your vocabulary skills and expand your word knowledge.

Test Your Word Skills

In Wordwheel, players are presented with a set of letters arranged in a wheel shape. The objective is to form as many words as possible using these letters, with each word containing the center letter. Players must use their vocabulary skills and creativity to uncover words of varying lengths, from four-letter words to longer nine-letter words. With each word discovered, players earn points and advance through the game's levels, challenging themselves to beat their high scores and expand their word repertoire.

Daily Express Target Puzzle

Wordwheel is inspired by the Daily Express Target Puzzle, a popular word puzzle featured in the Daily Express newspaper. This puzzle presents players with a set of letters and challenges them to form words that meet specific criteria, such as containing the center letter and at least one nine-letter word. The puzzle offers a daily dose of mental stimulation and entertainment, making it a favorite among word puzzle enthusiasts.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Wordwheel provides players with an opportunity to expand their vocabulary and improve their word-solving skills in a fun and interactive way. By uncovering new words and experimenting with different letter combinations, players can enhance their language abilities and learn new words that they can use in everyday life. Whether you're a casual player looking for a mental challenge or a dedicated wordsmith seeking to broaden your vocabulary, Wordwheel offers a rewarding and enjoyable gaming experience.

How to play Wordwheel

  • Using mouse or keyboard

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