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Words Search Hollywood Search game. Immerse yourself in a delightful crossword puzzle experience as you search for the names of the most famous Hollywood stars. Challenge your word-searching skills, race against time, and enjoy the excitement of uncovering the glittering names that have graced the silver screen.


  1. Star-Studded Crosswords: Dive into a collection of captivating crosswords that focus on the names of the most iconic Hollywood stars. From legendary actors to beloved actresses, the game brings you a star-studded word search experience.

  2. Time-Based Challenge: Put your skills to the test by racing against the clock to find the hidden names in as little time as possible. The time-based challenge adds an element of thrill and urgency, making each round exciting and dynamic.

  3. Vibrant Hollywood Theme: Immerse yourself in a visually appealing and vibrant Hollywood theme. The game's design captures the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, creating an engaging atmosphere for players.

  4. Entertaining Gameplay: Enjoy the perfect blend of entertainment and cognitive stimulation. Words Search Hollywood Search offers a delightful gameplay experience suitable for both casual players and word-search enthusiasts.


  1. Search for Star Names: Your primary goal in Words Search Hollywood Search is to find the names of famous Hollywood stars hidden within the crossword puzzle. Scan horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to locate the concealed names.

  2. Time Management: The game is designed to challenge your ability to find star names swiftly. Manage your time efficiently to complete each crossword puzzle within the allocated time frame.

  3. Score Accumulation: Earn points for each successfully discovered star name. Challenge yourself to achieve higher scores with each play, fostering a sense of accomplishment and competitiveness.

  4. Enjoy the Journey: As you engage in the word search, relish the journey through Hollywood's legendary stars. Learn interesting facts and tidbits about your favorite actors and actresses while having a great time.

How to play Words Search Hollywood Search

Using mouse

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