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Wordle With Friends

Wordle For Friends is a multiplayer word-guessing game that offers a fun and interactive experience for you and your friends. In this game, the rules are similar to the traditional Wordle game, but with the added feature of creating your own word for others to guess.

Here's more information about Wordle For Friends:

Game Objective: The objective of Wordle For Friends is to guess the five-letter word created by one of the players in the room.


  1. Creating a Room: To start a game, one player creates a room by entering any five-letter word of their choice. This word will be the target for other players to guess.
  2. Sharing the Room: The player who creates the room shares the room's link with friends or other players who wish to join.
  3. Guessing the Word: Once the room is set up and players have joined, the guessing phase begins. Players take turns guessing the five-letter word.
  4. Color Clues: After each guess, the game provides colored clues to indicate the accuracy of the guess.
    • The specific color scheme for clues is not described, but typically, green indicates a correct letter in the correct position, while other colors (orange/yellow or grey) may indicate a correct letter in an incorrect position or an incorrect letter, respectively.
  5. Process of Elimination: Use the feedback from the color clues to narrow down the possibilities and deduce the correct word.
  6. Guessing Rounds: The game continues with players taking turns guessing until someone successfully guesses the word or the maximum number of allowed guesses is reached.

Playing with Friends: Wordle For Friends is designed to be played with friends or other players you invite. By creating a room and sharing the link, you can enjoy the game together, adding a social and competitive element to the word-guessing experience.

Wordle For Friends offers a fun and engaging way to test your word-guessing skills while enjoying the company of your friends. By creating your own word, you can challenge your friends to guess it correctly while providing them with color clues to guide their guesses.

Remember to use logic, deduction, and your word-guessing abilities to crack the code and guess the word correctly within the given attempts.

Have a great time playing Wordle For Friends and enjoy the interactive word-guessing experience with your friends!

How to play Wordle With Friends

Using mouse

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