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Wordle off

Wordle Off is a fun and fast-paced word association game that will have your friends and family laughing their heads off. You can play it as a party game or as an icebreaker at the beginning of another party. Once you get playing, you’ll see that Wordle Off is also super easy to learn. Even if you haven’t played the original Wordle, you should be able to catch on in no time!

Wordle Off is Wordle with a competitive edge. Instead of hiding your word from your friends, you now have to hide it from an opponent. This means that instead of creating one large word and trying not to get caught by others, you now need to create a bunch of smaller words that all point to the same larger hidden word. In other words:

You will be given different letters on a board and need to combine them into words that make sense but also point towards some other hidden word. Sounds easy? That’s because it IS! But things get complicated once you add in opponents who are trying their best to expose your tricks and traps. Who will be the sneaky Wordler this time around?

How to play Wordle off

Wordle off is played in 7 rounds; 5 green word rounds where players race to build the best possible word using their tiles, 1 blue word round where players must avoid getting caught with a tile that doesn’t fit their current word, and 1 final red word round where players must avoid being caught with a tile that doesn’t fit any of the words on their board. Each player has their own Wordle board with an individual set of letter tiles (A – Z).

Players take turns either drawing a new letter or swapping one of their current letters for another from the pile. Once everyone has drawn or swapped all seven letters, start building words on your boards by first putting down two or more letters in any order to make a two-letter “couplet”. Then add another couplet under it—and so on until you have built at least six couplets in whatever pattern you like.

Each round ends when one player fills up his or her board with words; That player goes first in the next round. At the end of each round, tally up points based on which tiles you used most often—the more times you use a letter, the more points it gives you.

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