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Wordie is an exciting new word game that has been released to the Google Play Store. You might have heard of other word games like Wordscapes, Words with Friends, Crossword etc. But have you heard of This one ? Yes, we are talking about This game, a brand new and addictive word game for Android devices. The goal of this game is simple- match up a set of three or more letter words in order to score points and move onto the next level. There are 5 different modes for you to choose from in this amazing new word puzzle game: Classic, Score Attack, Timed Attack, Puzzle Mode and Training Mode. In Classic mode you will be playing with letters from the default English dictionary that comes installed on your device. In Score Attack mode you will be playing against time as the timer ticks down while you try to solve as many sets of 3 letter words as possible before the time runs out. In Timed Attack mode you will be challenged to solve as many sets of 3 letter words within 1 minute as possible while the clock continues to tick down at the top right corner of your screen. In Puzzle Mode you will be given a fixed amount of time (that can be changed) and a number of letters in which to find matching pairs within that time period. And lastly in Training Mode you will be able to practice matching up 3 letter words without any consequences by simply tapping on them repeatedly over and over again until they are matched up

Word games are some of the most popular puzzle games on mobile. With so many different types of word games, it's hard to know where to start. If you're looking for an app that is fun and easy to play, look no further than This game ! This game will keep you coming back again and

Wordie is a new kind of word game. Match 3 or more letters to clear the board and thwart the This game ’s evil plan. Play with your friends, family, or just for fun! While each game may feature a unique word list, some common mechanics exist across games in the This one genre. Players will match 3 or more letters on the board to clear it and score points. Some games introduce an extra layer of depth by mixing up letter types. Each player will have their own deck of letter cards that they can use to form words on the board. In addition, some games introduce special power-ups that can be used once per game to alter strategy or provide an advantage over other players. This one is worth playing if you enjoy puzzle games and word games in general as it provides a fresh take on the genre while maintaining its core

How to play Wordie

Mouse or tap to move letters around the sides.

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