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Word Mahjong

Word Mahjong is a captivating and intellectually stimulating game that challenges you to craft words using the letters found on the tiles. However, there's a twist – you can only use the tiles that are free. Tiles are considered free if they have at least one unobstructed side (either left or right) and are not covered by other tiles. The longer and more elaborate the words you create, the higher your score climbs. Plus, keep an eye out for empty tiles, which serve as valuable jokers in this word-tile adventure.

Word Mahjong: The Ultimate Wordcraft Challenge

Word Mahjong offers an unparalleled word crafting experience by integrating the mechanics of Mahjong into the world of words. It's a game that demands strategy, vocabulary, and quick thinking. Your goal is to connect letter tiles strategically and form words that accumulate points.

Features that Make Word Mahjong Stand Out

1. Strategic Tile Selection

The game challenges your ability to choose tiles wisely. You must select tiles that are free and have at least one side unblocked. This strategic element adds depth to the word-formation process.

2. Scoring System

The longer and more intricate the words you form, the higher your score becomes. The game rewards your creativity and vocabulary skills.

3. Joker Tiles

Keep an eye out for empty tiles. These tiles act as jokers, allowing you to use them as substitutes for any letter, opening up a world of possibilities for word creation.

Embrace the Word Mahjong Challenge

Word Mahjong is not your typical word game. It fuses the traditional game of Mahjong with the art of wordcrafting, resulting in an intellectually stimulating and exciting gaming experience. Whether you're a wordsmith or someone looking to sharpen your vocabulary, this game offers a unique challenge that is both entertaining and educational.

How to play Word Mahjong

Using mouse

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