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Daily games like Weedle can be played once each day in today's challenge mode or random challenge. This is a game where you have to name an NFL star in eight guesses. It is more challenging than the original Wordle, and we'll show you how to play it and give you hints and ideas to help you get better at it.

Simple rules govern this game. You have eight chances to correctly guess an NFL player. You have the opportunity to post your solution to this enigmatic player on social media when you finish playing Weedle. Let your friends know about it!

If you're a fan of NFL football! We anticipate that you'll enjoy this online game. If you give it a try, you'll quickly see why this online game has gained so much popularity.

How to play Weddle

Due to its ease of use and the fact that you only have eight daily attempts to complete the challenge, it is a simple activity that has become very popular. Weedle is a totally free word-guessing game that doesn't require any installation or downloads. You must pick an NFL player as quickly as you can using the 1-grid system of the Weddle NFL Wordle.

- In the fewest number of tries, identify the NFL player.

- Only WRs, RBs, QBs, and TEs will qualify as the solution player because they are active fantasy players.

- Depending on how close your guess was to the player, the color of the tiles will change after each guess.

- Green indicates a match in any column.

- Yellow in the division column indicates the right conference but the wrong division.

- Yellow indicates that the accurate measurement is within 2 (inches, years, or numbers) of the player in the height, age, and weight columns.

After ending the day's game, Weedle prohibits players from starting a new one.

It is crucial that you figure out the riddle on your eighth try because the object of the game is to predict an NFL player in 8 tries. You must select the player you believe to be the worst player right now from a list of all potential players provided by the game. Each player receives their own set of hints. Every day a new mystery player!

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