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Weaver Unlimited

Are you ready to take your word skills to the next level? Weaver Unlimited, the new word-building game from VENDETTA, offers an exciting challenge for intermediate and expert players. If you love Scrabble, Boggle, or crossword puzzles, you’ll love this game.

Weaver Unlimited challenges players to think strategically and build long words rather than rely on individual letter bonuses. It's an extremely easy game. It entails altering one letter in each guess using legitimate terms to change one word into another comparable word. The game has some unique elements that set it apart from other word-building games.

In this amazing game, players take on the role of a weaver who must string together words to create longer, more complex words in order to advance through each level. The player is presented with a grid of letter tiles next to a timer, which they must manipulate as quickly as possible in order to string together longer words.

Words are strung together by placing one letter tile after another until the word that was targeted has been reached. On its own, most letters will simply fall off the board and remain out of reach for players to use again. However, by stringing multiple letters together at once instead of individually, the word becomes much longer and more difficult to complete.

Players are awarded a golden star for each completed word they accumulate at the end of each level and can earn additional stars by building longer words with their available letters. This in turn will unlock new challenges which start with the player facing increasingly more difficult ones based on how many stars have been earned before them.


- You must move from the first word to the last word.

- You can only modify one letter in each word you enter from the word above it.

How to play Weaver Unlimited

Examples of Weaver games

Each time you enter a 5-letter word, the program will inform you of the letters that are present in the word you are looking for. If the letter is there but in the proper location, it will change to green.

Your guess's letters are:

  • Green if either word contains green (right letter, right spot)
  • Yellow if either word contains yellow (right letter, wrong spot)
  • Gray if it doesn't appear in either word.

This is an illustration of how to solve weaver in the present.

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