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Uproot is a point-and-click adventure game developed and published by the independent game developer, Daily Magic Productions. The game follows the story of Ygg, a mandrake who is on a quest to retrieve his special purple leaf that has been stolen by the Rat King.

The game features hand-drawn art and a whimsical fantasy setting, with colorful characters and environments to explore. The gameplay revolves around solving puzzles and interacting with the game world to progress through the story.

Players control Ygg as he navigates through various locations in the game world, including a garden, a forest, and a castle. Along the way, he must gather items and solve puzzles to uncover clues and progress to the next area.

The puzzles in Uproot range from simple and straightforward to more complex and challenging. They involve using items found in the environment, interacting with characters, and manipulating objects in the game world.

Overall, Uproot offers a charming and engaging point-and-click adventure experience with a unique storyline and a distinctive art style. It is available on various platforms, including PC, Macs, and mobile devices.


  • The charming and whimsical hand-drawn art style
  • A unique storyline centered around Ygg the mandrake and his quest to retrieve his purple leaf from the Rat King
  • Puzzles and obstacles that vary in difficulty and require players to think creatively
  • Multiple locations to explore, including a garden, a forest, and a castle
  • Collectible items to find and use to solve puzzles and progress through the game

Tips to win:

  • Pay close attention to the dialogue and clues provided by characters in the game, as they can provide hints for solving puzzles and progressing through the story.
  • Explore every area thoroughly and interact with every object you can, as some items may be hidden or provide important clues.
  • Keep track of items you've collected in your inventory, as they may be useful later on in the game.
  • If you're stuck on a puzzle, try taking a break and coming back to it later with fresh eyes.

How to play Uproot

  • Uproot is primarily played using the mouse to point and click on objects and interact with characters.
  • To move Ygg around the game world, click on the area you want him to go to.
  • To pick up items, click on them and they will be added to your inventory.
  • To use an item from your inventory, click on it and then click on the object or area you want to use it on.

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