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Touhou Suika

Touhou Suika presents a captivating logic arcade experience tailored for fans of puzzle games reminiscent of 2048. The game invites players to immerse themselves in the engaging task of arranging anime dolls, employing principles akin to Tetris. The objective is to strategically pair dolls, score points, and strive to achieve the highest possible score to set personal records.

Puzzle Dynamics in Touhou Suika

The core gameplay of Touhou Suika revolves around the placement of anime dolls, challenging players to align them in pairs for optimal point accumulation. The game adopts the familiar Tetris mechanism, requiring players to throw dolls into a container. By strategically placing identical figures next to each other, players can initiate the merging process, resulting in the creation of new dolls.

Unveiling the Merging Mechanism

As players progress through Touhou Suika, they encounter the intriguing merging mechanism inherent in the game. By successfully combining two identical dolls, a new doll is generated, introducing an element of surprise and strategy. The circle on the right of the screen provides a visual guide to the transformation order, enhancing the player's ability to plan and strategize their moves.

Game Over and Record-Setting

The immersive journey in Touhou Suika continues until the playing field runs out of space. The game cleverly combines the allure of anime dolls with the strategic depth of puzzle-solving. Players can strive to set personal records, competing against themselves to achieve higher scores and master the art of pairing and merging anime dolls.

How to play Touhou Suika

To embark on the puzzle-solving adventure, players click "Start" and choose their preferred game mode. The game unfolds as players maneuver the figures using the mouse, employing strategic clicks to toss them into the container. The transformation order is displayed, offering insights into the forthcoming figures. The challenge intensifies as players aim to maximize points and strategically navigate the evolving field.

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