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Ten Blocks

Ten Blocks is a thrilling fusion of digital puzzles, incorporating elements from beloved classics like Sudoku and falling block games. This innovative and entertaining game challenges players to strategically drag cubes onto the board to create rows or columns, earning valuable points along the way.


In the engaging world of Ten Blocks, mastering the rules is key to achieving success and racking up high scores. The gameplay revolves around placing cubes on the board to form complete rows or columns. Players must strategically navigate the digital puzzle, aiming to optimize their moves for maximum points.

The basic rule is simple: drag and drop the cubes onto the board to create a full row or column. Once a row or column is complete, it disappears, making room for new cubes and allowing players to continue their quest for points. The challenge lies in planning and placement – every move counts and a well-thought-out strategy can make all the difference in achieving a top score.

How to play Ten Blocks

Using mouse

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