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Sushi Drop

Sushi Drop is a captivating puzzle game that combines strategic gameplay with the culinary world of sushi. In this game, players are tasked with dropping and merging sushi blocks to create more elaborate and expensive sushi dishes that match the preferences of various customers. With the help of special boosters and bonuses, players must carefully plan their moves to progress through the game's challenges.

Key Features:

  1. Puzzle Challenge: The core objective of Sushi Drop is to strategically merge sushi blocks on the game board to create higher-value and more intricate sushi dishes. Players must consider the placement of their moves to maximize the potential for merging and creating fancy sushi combinations.

  2. Customer Orders: The game introduces a variety of customer orders, each requiring specific types of sushi dishes. Players need to match the correct sushi blocks to fulfill customer orders and earn points. The more elaborate and expensive the sushi, the higher the reward.

  3. Boosters and Bonuses: Sushi Drop offers a selection of boosters and bonuses to aid players in their puzzle-solving endeavors. The bomb booster allows players to remove unwanted sushi blocks from the board, while the blender booster enables players to reshuffle the sushi for better combinations.

  4. Combo Bonuses: Players are encouraged to merge sushi blocks multiple times in a row to achieve impressive combo bonuses. These bonuses can significantly boost the player's score and progress in the game.

  5. Chef Recruitment: Collecting coins throughout the game provides players with the opportunity to recruit new chefs for their sushi restaurant. Each chef brings their unique skills and abilities, enhancing the gameplay experience.


In Sushi Drop, players must strategically drop sushi blocks onto the game board, aiming to merge identical sushi blocks and create more valuable dishes. By fulfilling customer orders and strategically utilizing boosters, players progress through the game's levels and challenges. Merging sushi blocks consecutively results in combo bonuses, which can help players achieve high scores.


Sushi Drop offers a delightful blend of puzzle-solving and culinary creativity, making it a unique and engaging gaming experience. The game challenges players to strategize their moves, merge sushi blocks, and create intricate dishes that match customer preferences. With the inclusion of boosters, bonuses, and chef recruitment, players have a range of tools at their disposal to master the art of sushi creation. As players progress through levels, they'll showcase their ability to merge sushi blocks, satisfy customers, and maximize their scores. Whether players are puzzle enthusiasts or sushi aficionados, Sushi Drop promises an entertaining and rewarding journey through its captivating gameplay and sushi-themed challenges.

How to play Sushi Drop

  • Left or right arrow keys = move left or right
  • Down arrow key / space / Left-click = drop sushi

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