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Strands NYT

Strands NYT game is an innovative word puzzle game developed by The New York Times. It offers players a unique and engaging gameplay experience centered around finding theme words and uncovering the puzzle's hidden theme through a special "spangram."


  • Theme Words: Players must locate theme words hidden within the grid and fill the board with these words. Theme words are highlighted in blue when discovered, adding a visual element to the puzzle-solving experience.

  • Spangram Puzzle: In addition to finding theme words, players must uncover the spangram, which describes the puzzle's theme and touches two opposite sides of the board. The spangram is highlighted in yellow once identified, providing an additional layer of challenge and intrigue.

  • Interactive Gameplay: Players can drag or tap letters to create words, with the option to double-tap the last letter to submit their answer. This interactive element enhances player engagement and allows for seamless navigation throughout the game.

  • Hint System: To assist players in their puzzle-solving journey, the game offers a hint system. By finding non-theme words, players can earn hints, with every three non-theme words discovered unlocking a new hint. This feature encourages strategic thinking and provides support for players who may require assistance.

How to play Strands NYT

  • The objective of Strands NYT game is to fill the board entirely with theme words, which are words related to the puzzle's hidden theme.

  • Players must locate and drag or tap letters to form words that correspond to the theme. Theme words must fill the board entirely, with no overlap between words.

  • Additionally, players must identify the spangram, a special puzzle element that describes the theme and touches two opposite sides of the board. The spangram is crucial for unraveling the puzzle's theme.

  • To earn hints, players must find non-theme words within the grid. For every three non-theme words discovered, a new hint is unlocked, providing valuable assistance in solving the puzzle.

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