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Stan's Daily Crossword

Stan's Daily Crossword is a popular American crossword puzzle game created by renowned crossword puzzle builder Stanley Newman. Offering a daily dose of mental stimulation and entertainment, this game challenges players with progressively harder questions while providing a fun and rewarding crossword-solving experience.


Daily Quizzes

Every day, new quizzes are posted online, featuring progressively harder questions that range from easier puzzles on Mondays to tougher challenges on Saturdays. The quizzes combine dictionary definitions with clever hints related to various topics, ensuring a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.

Varied Grid Sizes

While the standard grid size is 15x15, Stan's Daily Crossword also offers unique puzzles ranging from 12x12 to 21x21. Regardless of the grid size, players can rest assured that the solutions will consist of ordinary words, proper names, or real-world locations, eliminating overly challenging words from the mix.

Accessible Gameplay

Stan's Daily Crossword provides accessible gameplay for crossword enthusiasts of all skill levels. Players can utilize the hint tool to reveal letters or entire answers when faced with challenging clues, ensuring that the game remains enjoyable and manageable.

Tips to Win

Utilize References

To increase your chances of success, make use of references from contemporary language and popular culture. These references can provide valuable hints and insights when tackling difficult clues.

Start with Confidence

Begin by solving quizzes you feel confident in or believe are the simplest. This approach allows you to uncover more hints within the grid's connected sentences, facilitating progress and boosting confidence.

Mind Answer Length

Pay attention to the length of the answers, both horizontally and vertically. This can help narrow down possibilities and guide you towards the correct solution.

Consider Prefixes and Suffixes

Be mindful of common prefixes and suffixes, such as -tion, -able, -y, -ly, -ous, etc., as they can provide clues to the correct answers.

Think About Relevant Subjects

Consider subjects like music, food, entertainment, etc., that may be pertinent to your response. Sometimes, every response in the puzzle relates to a single subject, offering a thematic clue.

Read Through All Problems

Before starting a puzzle, read through all the clues to gain a general idea of the subject matter, the length of each answer, and their level of difficulty. This can help you approach the puzzle strategically and efficiently.

Switch Puzzles if Stuck

If you encounter difficulty with a particular puzzle, switch to a different one and return later with fresh eyes. Collecting hints from other puzzles can provide valuable insights and assistance.


Stan's Daily Crossword offers a captivating and challenging crossword-solving experience for players of all levels. With its diverse range of puzzles, accessible gameplay, and helpful tips for success, this game promises hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Whether you're a seasoned crossword enthusiast or a beginner looking to hone your skills, Stan's Daily Crossword provides a rewarding and enjoyable gameplay experience. Dive into the world of crossword puzzles and test your skills with Stan's Daily Crossword today!

How to play Stan's Daily Crossword

Using mouse

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