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Stacky Letters

Stacky Letters game is a captivating word puzzle that challenges players to build the tallest possible stack of words using given starter words. Players must swap one letter in the current word and scramble the letters to add the next word to the stack. The objective is to keep stacking until no new words can be formed with the remaining letters. Each word choice results in stackles with varying scores, and the ultimate goal is to create the best possible tackle using all the letters, ideally comprising eight words.


Word Stacking:

  • Stacky Letters revolves around the concept of building stacks of words using the given starter words.

Letter Swapping:

  • Players can swap one letter in the current word to create new words and continue building the stack.

Scrambling Letters:

  • The letters of each word can be scrambled to form new words, adding to the challenge and variety of word combinations.

Strategic Gameplay:

  • Players must employ strategic thinking and word manipulation skills to maximize the height of their word stacks.

Variable Scores:

  • Each word stack, or stackle, earns a score based on the number and length of words formed. Players aim to achieve the highest possible score by creating optimal stacks.

How to play Stacky Letters

Using mouse

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