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Spin the Wheel: Old Testament

Spin the Wheel: Old Testament - this is a fun trivia game. You will like this game when you are going to drive by car or when you have time to kill and need something to do. This is an old-school-style word search puzzle game with lots of hidden clues, riddles, and puns. It will keep you busy for hours if not days!


+ Spin the wheel and answer 10 questions from the Old Testament (the Torah, the Pentateuch, or the first five books of the Hebrew Bible.)

+ Answer 25 more questions about that topic in Competitive Mode (harder)

+ Play a fast-paced word search game for each letter of the alphabet.

+ Progress through 50 levels with increasingly harder puzzles. In addition, there are two player modes so you can challenge your friends.

The Old Testament is full of amazing stories that are still talked about today. Test your knowledge of the Old Testament with this classic word game! Spin the wheel and know what text you’ll be asked to answer. Complete the grid using letters that are found in the selected passage as well as in any other passages that may be used as answers. Could it get any harder?

Spin The Wheel Old Testament features:

- Fun, fast and challenging gameplay

- 6 different spins per level

- Randomly-generated levels with a unique layout each time you play - 3 different difficulties to challenge yourself with

- Play from your phone or tablet via Google Play Games (inclusive of leaderboards)

Spin the Wheel is an educational game for the youth of today. It teaches about the Old Testament and how it relates to our Christian faith. Spin The Wheel is very user-friendly, and you don’t need any programming. Let's play now!

How to play Spin the Wheel: Old Testament

Left-click = spin the wheel and choose alphabets

Keyboard = guess the words

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