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Spelling Gaps

Spelling Gaps is designed to be a user-friendly educational word game with straightforward mechanics. Players engage in a series of rounds, each presenting a word on the screen. The objective is twofold: first, to remember the complete word, and second, to fill in the missing letters when the same word reappears, but with gaps. The number of missing letters varies based on the chosen difficulty level, adding an element of customization to the gameplay.

Educational Value

Spelling Gaps not only provides an entertaining gaming experience but also serves as an effective educational tool. By challenging players to recall and spell words within a limited time frame, the game contributes to language proficiency and vocabulary enhancement.

Accessibility and User Interface

The game's user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for players of all skill levels. The clear instructions and simple gameplay make it suitable for both casual gamers looking for an entertaining break and individuals seeking a purposeful way to practice spelling.

How to play Spelling Gaps

  1. Word Display: A complete word is shown on the screen. Remember it as you prepare for the challenge.

  2. Filling the Gaps: The same word reappears but with missing letters. Use the provided keyboard to fill in all the empty spaces within the word.

  3. Time Limit: Each round has a 90-second time limit, adding a sense of urgency to both remembering the word and completing the spelling.

  4. Mistakes Allowance: Players are allowed a maximum of 5 mistakes throughout the game. Exceeding this limit results in the end of the game.

  5. Scoring: Strive to achieve the highest score possible and submit it at the end of the game for a sense of accomplishment.

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