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Sort the Court!

Sort the Court is a medieval kingdom management game that combines pixel art graphics and delightful sound effects for an enchanting gaming experience. As an indie game, Sort the Court brings a unique adventure in medieval fantasy, offering decision-making gameplay that challenges and entertains players for hours.

Key Features

1. Charming Pixel Art Graphics:

Sort the Court captivates players with its charming pixel art graphics, creating a visually appealing medieval world that adds to the overall charm of the gameplay.

2. Engaging Decision-Making Gameplay:

Dive into decision-making gameplay that challenges your strategic thinking. Every choice you make will have repercussions, shaping the destiny of your kingdom.

3. Medieval Fantasy Adventure:

Experience a medieval fantasy adventure with Sort the Court, where you take on the role of a ruler navigating the complexities of managing a growing kingdom.

4. Indie Game Charm:

As an indie game, Sort the Court brings a unique charm to the gaming landscape. Enjoy the creativity and innovation that comes with independent game development.

5. Entertaining for Hours:

Sort the Court entertains for hours on end. The dynamic gameplay, coupled with the challenge of ruling a kingdom, ensures a captivating and enduring gaming experience.

How to play Sort the Court!

  1. Rule Your Growing Kingdom: Assume the role of a monarch and oversee the growth of your kingdom. Make decisions that will impact the lives of your citizens and shape the destiny of your realm.

  2. Balance Resources and Happiness: Manage your kingdom's resources and strive to maintain the happiness of your citizens. Balancing these aspects is crucial for the prosperity and success of your realm.

  3. Hire and Fire Advisors: Make strategic choices by hiring and firing advisors who will assist you in ruling your kingdom. Each advisor brings unique qualities and skills to the table, influencing the direction of your reign.

  4. Manage Your Treasury: Keep a close eye on your treasury to ensure the financial stability of your kingdom. Make wise financial decisions to fund essential projects and initiatives.

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