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Song For a Bird

Bird is always a musical guy. He loves to sing and play his favorite song whenever he can. Sometimes he even practices while in the forest or outside his home. When it’s time to go back home, Bird remembers that he has forgotten something at home; his favorite new song! Now he has to wait until tomorrow morning before he can go back again so that he can record another one. To pass the time, Bird decides to make a game for himself called “Bird Song Game” which will help him remember his different songs as he plays them.

A song for a bird is a short, very clever, and inspiring puzzle. It is peculiar in the appearance of its solution. You will be surprised by it. This game has no rules but those that you decide to follow while solving it. The aim of this puzzle game is to write a particular word or phrase as many times as possible within the time given.

For example, if you are given the word "bird", you can write it anywhere on the page and keep doing so until your time limit is exhausted or you have run out of space - whichever comes first! The only restriction with regards to where you can place the words is that they cannot be repeated exactly from before (for example, if you put the word “bird” twice in a row, sitting next to one another, there will be no other instances of “bird” in this puzzle).

How to play Song For a Bird

Left click to choose a word.

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