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Sinnoh Pokedex

Sinnoh Pokedex, the virtual encyclopedia of Pokémon species from the Sinnoh region, is a key feature in the beloved Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games. As one of the core elements of the Pokémon gaming experience, it plays a crucial role in your journey as a Pokémon Trainer. This article provides an in-depth look at the Sinnoh Pokedex, its significance, and the intriguing features it offers.

Sinnoh Pokedex: A Comprehensive Guide to the Region's Pokémon

The Sinnoh Pokedex, short for "Pokémon Index," is an essential tool that every Pokémon Trainer receives at the beginning of their adventure in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games. It serves as a comprehensive guide to the Pokémon species native to the Sinnoh region. As you embark on your quest to become a Pokémon Champion, this digital encyclopedia becomes your go-to resource for understanding and capturing the diverse creatures you'll encounter along the way.

Features of the Sinnoh Pokedex

1. Cataloging Pokémon

The primary function of the Sinnoh Pokedex is to catalog Pokémon. As you encounter new species during your journey, your Pokedex will automatically record essential information about them. This information includes the Pokémon's name, type, height, weight, and a brief description of its characteristics. It's a valuable resource for learning more about the Pokémon you encounter.

2. Regional Data

The Sinnoh Pokedex is specific to the Pokémon native to the Sinnoh region. This means it will only display information about the 151 Pokémon species that are available in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. These creatures are unique to the Sinnoh region, and the Pokedex provides insights into their habits, habitats, and more.

3. Numbering System

Each Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokedex is assigned a unique National Dex number. This number remains consistent across all Pokémon games and serves as a universal identifier for each species. The Sinnoh Pokedex numbers these Pokémon from 001 to 151.

4. Evolutionary Chains

One of the most valuable features of the Sinnoh Pokedex is its ability to display evolutionary chains. As you encounter Pokémon and capture them, the Pokedex will show their evolutions and pre-evolutions, allowing you to strategize and plan your team effectively.

5. Cry and Call

For an added layer of immersion, the Sinnoh Pokedex also includes the ability to play the cries of the Pokémon, providing a more realistic experience. In addition, you can "call" Pokémon that you've encountered but not yet captured. This feature makes it easier to find and capture elusive Pokémon in the wild.

6. Completion Rewards

Completing the Sinnoh Pokedex is a monumental task, and those who manage to record data on all 151 Pokémon are rewarded for their efforts. Achieving a complete Pokedex often unlocks in-game rewards, including items, trophies, or even new features, which add to the game's replayability.


The Sinnoh Pokedex is not just an informative tool; it's a vital part of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl experience. As a Trainer, you'll rely on it to expand your knowledge of Sinnoh's Pokémon, plan your team, and ultimately aim to become the Champion of the region. So, as you embark on your journey through the Sinnoh region, don't forget to consult your trusty Pokedex and strive to complete it for the rewards and the satisfaction of being a true Pokémon Master.

How to play Sinnoh Pokedex

  1. Choose a box on the 9x9 grid that you want to fill first.
  2. Pick a Pokemon character from the list of choices and put it within the chosen box.
  3. Make sure that no Pokemon character duplicates in any row, column, or 3x3 box as you fill in the grid.
  4. Consider your placements carefully because you only have 9 guesses to finish the puzzle.
  5. Fill in the appropriate Pokemon characters in each of the nine boxes to complete the Pokedoku puzzle and win!

For aficionados of both genres, Pokedoku is a must-play game since it offers a great blend of Sudoku complexity and nostalgia for the Pokemon era. Enter the world of Pokedoku and try your ability to solve puzzles!

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