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Shaple is a shape-matching game created by @ravisparikh. In this game, players are presented with a set of shapes and their task is to choose the shape that matches the given criteria. The game challenges players' visual perception and ability to identify matching shapes.

Here's more information about the Shaple game:

Game Objective: The objective of Shaple is to correctly identify the shape that matches the given criteria within a limited time frame.


  1. Shape Matching: Players are presented with a set of shapes, and their goal is to select the shape that matches the specified criteria.
  2. Criteria and Rotations: The specific criteria for matching shapes are not described in the provided information. It could involve attributes like size, color, orientation, symmetry, or other shape properties.
    • The players are also required to match the rotations of the shape. The exact nature of the rotation matching is not explained, but players need to get a certain number of rotations correct.
  3. Time and Accuracy: The game measures the time it takes for players to complete the task and records the number of correct rotations.
  4. Feedback: After making a selection, players receive feedback on their performance, such as the number of rotations they got correct.
  5. Play Again: Upon completing a round, players have the option to play the game again to improve their performance or challenge themselves further.

Challenging Gameplay: Shaple offers a visually stimulating gameplay experience where players must quickly analyze and compare shapes to find the correct match. The limited time frame adds a sense of urgency, requiring players to make decisions swiftly.

Overall, Shaple is a shape-matching game that tests players' visual perception and ability to identify matching shapes. By choosing the correct shape based on the given criteria and matching rotations, players can aim to improve their time and accuracy to achieve higher scores and challenge themselves in subsequent rounds.

Have fun playing Shaple and enjoy the challenge of identifying matching shapes!

How to play Shaple

Using mouse

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