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Save Snowman

Save Snowman is a delightful winter-themed adventure game where players embark on a frosty escapade to protect their adorable snowman from the warmth of the sun. As the sun's rays intensify, players must strategically build snow walls to shield the snowman from harm and ensure its survival in the chilly landscape. Compete for the longest survival time and master the art of drawing to save the snowman from melting away.


1. Winter Wonderland Adventure:

  • Immerse yourself in a charming winter wonderland as you guide your snowman through a chilly landscape filled with snow and sunshine.

2. Dodging Sun Particles:

  • Navigate through the landscape while dodging sun particles that threaten to melt your snowman. Stay alert and agile to avoid being caught by the sun's rays.

3. Strategic Snow Wall Building:

  • Build snow walls strategically to shield your snowman from harm. Plan your wall placement carefully to maximize protection and ensure your snowman's survival.

4. Intensifying Challenge:

  • As the sun intensifies, the challenge becomes more thrilling. Test your skills and endurance as you strive to keep your snowman safe from the increasingly warm weather.

5. Competition and Victory:

  • Compete with friends and other players for the longest survival time. Master the art of drawing snow walls to save your snowman and claim victory in this winter adventure.

How to play Save Snowman

Using mouse

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