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Rotating Pomni

Rotating Pomni is a unique platform puzzle game that challenges players to guide Pomni, the protagonist, to retrieve his lost stars by rotating the world. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, players must use their logical thinking and problem-solving skills to navigate through 40 challenging levels.


  • Innovative Gameplay: Rotate the world to guide Pomni through each level and collect the lost stars, offering a fresh and engaging gameplay experience.

  • 40 Challenge Levels: Test your logical brain abilities with 40 different levels, each presenting increasingly complex puzzles to solve.

  • Fun for All Ages: With its charming graphics and captivating gameplay, Rotating Pomni is enjoyable for children and adults alike, providing entertainment for the whole family.

  • Brain Training: Engage in brain-training exercises as you tackle challenging puzzles, stimulating cognitive skills and logical reasoning.

  • Cute Graphics: Immerse yourself in the adorable world of Rotating Pomni with its cute and vibrant graphics that enhance the overall gaming experience.

  • Precise Controls: Enjoy precise controls that allow for smooth navigation and precise movements, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience.

How to play Rotating Pomni

Using mouse

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