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Revertle is a very attractive word-guessing game for those who love this exciting game genre. Each day, a secret word is handed to you; the letters are underlined in red on your keyboard.

A jigsaw letter is given a unique color, ranging from red to yellow to green, each time it appears in a genuine, non-repeating phrase. However, a letter will become red if you use it exactly where it appears in the hidden word. To win, you must make each letter on your keyboard green.


  • Gain daily bonuses and frequently win prizes.
  • Vibrant, 2D images.
  • There are several degrees of difficulty.
  • Playing the game is a lot of fun and exciting.

How to play Revertle

Players complete the task by clicking and dragging the mouse to choose the pertinent words from a list. Thus, from Red to Yellow to Green, each Jigsaw Letter will only appear once in unique words rather than repeating itself.

To crack the code as fast as feasible is everyone's goal in this game. You will receive a hidden word each day, the letters of which will be shown on your keyboard in red. A jigsaw letter's color goes from red to yellow to green when it's a part of an actual, distinctive word. A letter's color will change based on its context, but if it is utilized exactly as it does in the Hidden Word, it will return to red. You must turn every Puzzle Letter on the keyboard green in order to succeed. You have five chances. Good luck!

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