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If you’ve ever played Wordle, you know it’s a fantastic way to get your creativity flowing. The game puts you in the role of an editor for a magazine that features word puzzles and hidden meanings. You read through a document and uncover words hidden in the text. However, if you prefer a challenge, or maybe just want to spend more time thinking about hidden meanings instead of playing Wordle, here is Redactle!

Redactle is essentially a word game, in which you must figure out the other players’ secret redaction code to win. To do so, you need to guess letters and combine them with word fragments and empty spaces provided by other players. If that sounds confusing, read on for a detailed explanation of the game or watch the video above.

This game is a fast-paced party game for 3 to 6 players that lasts around 30 minutes. There are two teams—red and blue—and each player receives a card with a secret redaction code (a hidden word) and several cards with letter combinations (like “V + ER”). On your turn, you either give another player one of your letter cards or ask them to give you one of theirs. Then you reveal your redaction code and see if there’s a word in common between yours and their answer. If there is, you mark it with an X; if not, you keep guessing until you find it or run out of options. The first team to uncover all their opponent’s codes wins the game!

How to play Redactle

Using mouse

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