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Reactle is an engaging online word-guessing game that challenges players to find the correct answer to a hidden question within six attempts. As players progress, they will encounter solutions that can aid them in advancing more quickly. The game utilizes color-coded tiles to provide feedback on the accuracy of the guesses.

Here's more information about Reactle:

Game Concept:

  1. Word Guessing: Reactle presents players with a hidden question or word that they need to discover within six attempts.
  2. Progression: As players move forward, they will encounter solutions that can assist them in making faster progress.


  1. Guessing the Answer: Players enter their guesses into the game, attempting to identify the correct answer to the hidden question.
  2. Color-coded Feedback: After each guess, the game provides feedback through the colors of the tiles.
    • Green Tiles: A green tile indicates that a letter in the guess is both present in the answer and in the correct position.
    • Yellow Tiles: A yellow tile signifies that a letter in the guess is part of the answer but not in the correct position. However, the color itself is correct.
    • Gray Tiles: Gray tiles represent letters that are not present in the answer word.

Objective: The objective of Reactle is to find the correct answer to the hidden question within six attempts. Players must utilize the feedback provided by the color-coded tiles to refine their guesses and home in on the correct solution.

Tips to Excel in Reactle:

  1. Analyze Feedback: Pay close attention to the color changes in the tiles after each guess. Use the feedback to guide your subsequent guesses, focusing on the letters that are in the correct position (green) or present but in the wrong position (yellow).
  2. Deductive Reasoning: Utilize deductive reasoning by considering the information revealed in the feedback. Narrow down the possibilities by eliminating letters or positions that have been marked as incorrect.
  3. Utilize Solutions: Take advantage of the solutions presented throughout the game to expedite your progress. These solutions can provide valuable insights and clues that help you make more informed guesses.

Reactle offers an exciting and challenging word-guessing experience with its color-coded feedback system. With each guess, players have the opportunity to decipher the hidden question and advance through the game. Enjoy the thrill of unraveling the mystery in Reactle!

How to play Reactle

Using mouse

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