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Are you a word lover? If so, this puzzle is the perfect fit for you. Queerdle is a new word game combining the best of word search and crossword puzzles to test your vocabulary and spelling skills. The objective of this challenge is to find and mark all eligible words in the grid. Sounds easy? It’s not! You’re going to have a hard time with this game...

Queerdle is a lightweight, fast and challenging word game that tests your vocabulary in new ways. It’s also the type of game that you can enjoy for 5 minutes or for an hour straight. The game is simple to learn, but hard to master. Once you start playing, it’s hard to stop!

How to play Queerdle

In contrast to Wordle, Queerdle answers can range in length from four to eight letters. Players are given some fundamental information about the game when they first visit the website. The answers could occasionally be proper nouns, they might be NSFW, and they don't always show up in dictionaries are some of the most crucial factors. They might also be two words put together.

The remainder of the game is quite comparable to Wordle. The correct answer can be predicted six times by players. They must type a random word of their choice in the first row and press "Enter." The tiles underneath the letters then alternate between green, yellow, and gray.

- Green indicates that the letter has been positioned correctly within the word.

- Yellow indicates that a letter is present in the word but is misplaced.

- Gray denotes the absence of a letter from the word.

To identify the right word, players must follow these tips. It's interesting to note that the game displays the following message whenever an unknown word is entered:

"To guess that word, you must be fairly witty. Derrick Barry as usual!" Derrick Barry, a drag performer, is mentioned.

Depending on whether the user won or lost the quiz, the game will display one of two messages at the conclusion of the game.

"Shantay, you remain!" is the message sent to the winners. The message "I'm sorry my dear, Sashay away" (a reference to RuPaul's Drag Race) is given to players who incorrectly guess the answer.

The snake, banana, and coconut emojis are used to represent the ability of users to share their games on social media. Green is represented by the snake, yellow by the banana, and gray by the coconut.

Every 24 hours, a new word is added to the game, and players can suggest additional words to the creators.

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