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Quardle is a game for two players. The object of the game is to be the first player to fill up your opponent’s word column with your letters. The playing pieces in Quardle are similar to Othello. You need to block your opponent’s move so that they cannot complete their word or phrase and capture their letters.

This is a word game that makes use of word association. In this game, each player will have four letters to work with (A, B, C, or D). The players take turns in creating as many words as possible using the four letters provided. If a player uses all four letters for their turn, then they must pass their turn to the next player. Any words created by a player cannot be reused for future turns.

- The first person to create seven congruent words wins the game. For example, if Player A uses the letters A, B, and C in his/her turn and Player B used those same three letters, then Player B has won because he/she has some more congruent words while Player A did not get any new words.

- This version features 6-packs and the ability to play against your friends via Game Center.

- In order of how many times they appear, each letter in the word will be worth more points than the previous one (A>B>C>D).

- Each word you create increases your bonus multiplier by 1, after which it resets to 1 again.

- The first player to reach 21 points or exhaust all their letters wins!

- Scores are not kept between games, so you won’t be told if you’ve been defeated by your opponent or vice versa.


How to play Quardle

Due to its ease of use and the requirement that "you only have a daily try to tackle its task," this straightforward activity has gained popularity. There is no need to download or install anything to play the Quardle game, which is a totally free word guessing game. With the use of a grid structure, puzzle wordle allows you to concentrate solely on solving each day's problem as quickly as possible.

To finish the puzzle, you must decipher the words used. With the game's tips, you can assist yourself as you see fit.

After finishing the day's game in daily mode, participants of this puzzle wordle are not given the option to start a new game. If you continue reading, we will explain how to play limitless crosswords.

Solving a daily wordle crossword puzzle is Quardle's goal. A daily puzzle mode with a universally accessible solution is available in the game.

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