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Puppetman: Ragdoll Puzzle

Puppetman: Ragdoll Puzzle is an entertaining logical game that combines ragdoll character physics with charming graphics. Players are tasked with assisting the main character, Poly, in descending safely to the ground by solving various puzzles and interacting with different objects that affect the hero's movement.


  • Fun Ragdoll Physics: Enjoy engaging gameplay with ragdoll character physics that adds a playful element to the puzzles.

  • Challenging Puzzles: Test your logical skills with a variety of puzzles that require creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

  • Simple Controls: Experience easy-to-use controls that allow for seamless gameplay, ensuring players can focus on solving puzzles without any complications.

  • Realistic Object Behavior: Encounter realistic behavior from surrounding objects, adding an immersive touch to the gameplay experience.

  • Minimize Damage: The primary objective is to lower the man to the ground while causing as little damage as possible, presenting a unique challenge for players to overcome.

How to play Puppetman: Ragdoll Puzzle

Control is carried out by pressing buttons on the screen, or keys A, B, C on the keyboard.

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