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Proustle is a unique word puzzle game that pays homage to the renowned French novelist Marcel Proust. With its "Proustified" gameplay, Proustle challenges players to test their knowledge of Proust's works and related themes. Can you uncover the answer of the day before all attempts run out?


  • Marcel Proust Theme: Proustle is designed for fans of Marcel Proust and his literary works. Players can enjoy a game experience infused with references to Proust's novels and characters, adding an extra layer of depth and meaning to the gameplay.

  • Wordle-Inspired Mechanics: Proustle adopts gameplay mechanics similar to the popular word puzzle game Wordle. Players receive color-coded letter hints after each attempt, with six attempts available to guess the correct answer. However, in Proustle, the answer must be related to Marcel Proust and could be a French word, a name, or any term found in his novels.

  • Variable Word Length: Unlike Wordle, where the word length remains constant, Proustle challenges players with a different number of letters in the answer each day. This variability adds an extra level of challenge and ensures that players must adapt their strategies to each unique puzzle.


  • Guess the Proust-Related Word: Players must use their knowledge of Marcel Proust's works to guess the word of the day, which is related to Proust's novels or themes.

  • Color-Coded Hints: After each guess, players receive color-coded hints indicating whether each letter is correct and in the right position, correct but in the wrong position, or not present in the word at all.

  • Six Guess Limit: Players have a maximum of six attempts to guess the word correctly. Utilize each guess strategically, taking into account the provided hints and your knowledge of Proust's works, to uncover the solution within the given limit.

How to play Proustle

Using mouse

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