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Pokentions is a brand-new Pokemon game that brings a fresh twist to the beloved word game, Wordle. In this innovative adaptation, players engage in the art of grouping words that share a common thread, creating an ingenious game known as Pokemon Connections. This daily challenge adds a layer of excitement, enticing players to unravel word associations and look forward to daily adventures with friends.

Pokentions Experience: A Daily Word Adventure

Pokentions offers a daily escape into the Pokemon world, allowing players to challenge their minds and discover the intricate connections between words. The thrill of solving the daily puzzle creates anticipation, making players eager to share their results and strategies with friends.

How to play Pokentions

Discover the simplicity and thrill of playing Pokentions with these easy-to-follow rules:

  1. Form Groups of 4 Words: Your challenge is to form groups of four words that share a common theme or connection. Think strategically and explore the intricate web of Pokemon-related words.

  2. Click to Select: Click on a word to select it. If needed, you can click again to deselect, allowing for thoughtful consideration and adjustment in your word choices.

  3. Automatic Validation: Once you've selected four words, the game will automatically check if your group is correct. A correct grouping reveals the category related to the Pokemon words you've chosen. If incorrect, don't be discouraged – give it another shot.

  4. Discover the Categories: Successfully group words and unveil the categories that tie them together. Explore the Pokemon connections and enhance your word-guessing skills as you progress through each daily challenge.

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