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Plangman is a platform game with numerous puzzles and a lot of cameo appearances from other games. The protagonist is this amazing game, a little green guy that has to explore your house because he lost his keys. Help him find them in 30 different levels. Each level consists of several puzzles. Don't give up too soon, some solutions can seem impossible at first but they're more obvious later on. You'll be introduced to mechanics such as springs, gravity, and blocks.

This game is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game. Type the words to make them disappear! Sounds simple? But you have to think fast and type accurately to clear all levels. You need logic and reflexes to succeed in this game. You'll need to plan your moves before typing them out. Try playing it with one friend or against the computer. Either way, you'll love solving these puzzles with friends and family.

Is a puzzle platform game with pixel graphics, developed by Indirkh Game Studio and published by User Generated Games. The player takes on the role of Plangman, an adventurer who has accidentally destroyed their village and now must solve puzzles to get back home. Adventurers are always ready for some new challenge. So let’s meet plangman and his friends in this amazing game.

How to play Plangman

WASD / arrow keys = move and jump

Space = select letters and drop blocks

R = reset a level

L = skip a level you have previously beaten

K = go back one level

B = use a bomb you have collected (bombs can be used to destroy blocks or dropped letters)

V = mute the music / SFX

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