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Periodle game inspired by Wordle and its many clones, a word guessing game. Instead of using the letters A to Z, you must guess words that are spelled using elements from Hydrogen to Oganesson on the periodic table.

The difference is that the total number of letters in any one day's puzzle solution might range from five to ten because some elemental abbreviations are two letters (instead of one). Thanks to Wordle, the majority of us have grown increasingly familiar with potential five-letter words, but we'll now need to review longer words.

Periodle also makes things more challenging by adding an additional mechanic—orange letters—to the mix. When an element is highlighted in orange, it signifies that it is present in the solution word but does not actually exist there. The initial guess, "Piracy," and the guessed components—"P," "I," and "Ra," as shown in the graphic below—all contain letters in the answer word. However, since the answer is "Practical," those particular components are ultimately inaccurate.

How to play Periodle

Using mouse

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