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Pandjohng Solitaire

Pandjohng Solitaire game, to release all 80 pandas, you must complete all 80 levels. Jokers and bonuses can help to streamline the procedure. There are jokers for each suit in addition to the standard jokers in the game. You can get points and a striking bonus by clicking on the pandas.

How to play Pandjohng Solitaire

From your stockpile, you must take one card out at a time. To delete your drawn card from the game, choose the cards whose values are one higher or one lower than your drawn card. You must remove every card from the board without running out of cards in your stockpile to finish a level. As per Mahjong rules, cards are available. In other words, the card is available if there are no cards on top, while also being absent from the right and left.

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