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Ordle No

Ordle NO is a word game based on the popular word game Wordle but with a Norwegian adaptation. It is also known as the Ordle NO wordle game. Here's more information about Ordle NO:


  • The objective of Ordle NO is to guess a hidden word within six tries.
  • Each guess you make must be a valid Norwegian 5-letter word.
  • To submit your guess, simply hit the enter button.
  • After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to provide feedback on how close your guess was to the hidden word.
  • A new word challenge is available each day, adding to the variety and replayability of the game.


  1. Guess the word in 6 tries: You have a maximum of six attempts to guess the hidden word correctly.
  2. Valid 5-letter words: Each guess you make must be a valid Norwegian word consisting of exactly five letters.
  3. Submitting your guess: Use the enter button to submit your guess for evaluation.
  4. Color feedback: After each guess, the colors of the tiles will change to indicate how close your guess was to the hidden word. These color changes provide valuable clues to guide you in subsequent guesses.

Ordle NO Tips:

  1. Start with common letters: Begin by guessing words that contain commonly used letters in the Norwegian language, such as vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and common consonants.
  2. Analyze color feedback: Pay close attention to the color changes in the tiles after each guess. Green tiles indicate correct letters in the correct positions, while other colors may indicate partially correct letters or incorrect letters. Use this feedback to refine your subsequent guesses.
  3. Deductive reasoning: Utilize deductive reasoning to eliminate possibilities based on the feedback received. By ruling out incorrect letters and positions, you can focus on potential correct combinations.
  4. Consider word patterns: Take note of common word patterns in the Norwegian language and use them as a guide for your guesses.
  5. Learn from each game: Keep track of the color feedback and patterns from previous games. This accumulated knowledge can help you improve your guessing strategy over time.

Remember, practice and persistence are key to improving your performance in Ordle NO. With each game, you'll become more familiar with the language and gain better intuition in guessing the hidden word within the given number of attempts.

For the most up-to-date information, and specific strategies, and to play Ordle NO, it's recommended to visit the official website or platform where the game is hosted.

How to play Ordle No

Using mouse

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