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NYT Sudoku

NYT Sudoku is a fun-filled puzzle game, you can complete a brand-new sudoku puzzle every day that corresponds to your degree of experience. Choose from easy, medium, and challenging.


TIMER: Press "Start" to begin keeping track of your time.

UNDO: Click to eliminate the most recent number you entered, the previous one, and the previous one.

PENCIL: You can annotate a response as tentative if you're unsure of it. To insert numbers in light blue, select "Pencil"; select it again to switch to the default color. All light numerals are deleted with the shift key pressed, and all dark digits are added.

CHECK: Click "Check" to check how you're doing. Incorrect response boxes will have a pink accent. After checking, press the delete key to eliminate all incorrect responses at once.

Displays all unused numbers in the row, column, or box from 1 to 9.

HINT: Click "Hint" to identify the location of the next solvable square without being given the solution.

Click "Reveal" to reveal the solution, which is in the square that the hint has pointed to.

PRINT: The PDF puzzle can be printed, but you'll need the free Acrobat Reader to do so.

How to play NYT Sudoku

- Fill the grid with numbers so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear exactly once in each row, column, and 3-by-3 box.

- You can either drag a number in from the right or directly type it into a square.

- If the range of allowable numbers for a box has been reduced, but many numbers are in a small type. While inputting the numbers, hold down the Alt key on a PC or the Control key on a Mac. Repeat the process to get rid of the number.

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