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Movlie version of Wordle, you must choose the correct movie based on a screenshot that is provided every day. You have six opportunities to locate them all as long as you have seen their poster anywhere. As more screenshots are made available, the work becomes simpler. You view a screenshot right away when the game begins. Once you get it right or run out of chances, you will get another screenshot if your guess was incorrect.

How to play Movlie

To find the name of the movie, look at the screenshot, and then enter the appropriate letters into the "Search Box."

From the list of movies that appears, pick a name. Keep in mind that you cannot type the name of a film that is not included in the list.

The text bar will turn green and display the turn statistics if the guess was accurate.

Another image from the same movie will be displayed as a hint if your guess is incorrect. As long as you have opportunities to win the game, keep doing this.

Before you may begin a new game, you must wait around 12 hours. Movlie is a terrific option for you if you've watched a lot of American movies and can recall the story and particular sequences. Have fun!

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