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Moustache Fillwords: Word Search

Welcome to Moustache Fillwords: Word Search, an addictive crossword game that combines fun and development in one exciting adventure! With over 5,000 levels to explore, immerse yourself in a boundless world of word puzzles where each level becomes a thrilling quest in search of secret words. Enjoy attractive sound and visual design that creates an immersive gameplay experience, accompanied by the cheerful presence of a cute cat to assist you along the way.

How to play Moustache Fillwords: Word Search

To play Moustache Fillwords: Word Search, follow these steps:

  1. Find Hidden Words: Your objective is to find all the hidden words hidden on the field by highlighting them from the first to the last letter.
  2. Navigate the Field: Scan the field and identify words hidden within the grid of letters.
  3. Highlight Correct Answers: Highlight each word from its first to last letter using the provided interface.
  4. Earn Rewards: Correct answers are rewarded with green squares and the company of cute kitties, while red squares provide a second chance to find the right words.
  5. Collect Daily Rewards: Receive daily rewards in the form of kitty paws, and the game currency, by logging in regularly and completing tasks.
  6. Utilize Hints: Use hints to find a single letter or reveal the entire word when facing challenging moments.
  7. Access Store and Wheel of Fortune: Visit the in-game store to earn paws and game tickets by watching ads, then try your luck in the Wheel of Fortune to make each game day memorable.
  8. View Profile and Statistics: After passing each level, view your profile with updated general statistics to track your progress.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Scan the Grid: Take your time to scan the entire grid thoroughly to spot hidden words more easily.
  2. Start with Common Letters: Begin by identifying and highlighting common letters or letter combinations to uncover potential words.
  3. Focus on Longer Words: Target longer words first, as they often provide clues or open up new possibilities for adjacent words.
  4. Collect Daily Rewards: Log in regularly to collect daily rewards and accumulate paws, making it easier to progress through levels.
  5. Strategize with Hints: Use hints strategically to overcome difficult moments and progress through challenging levels more efficiently.


  • Addictive Gameplay: Moustache Fillwords: Word Search offers an addictive crossword game experience that combines fun and development.
  • Over 5,000 Levels: Explore a vast array of levels, each offering a new adventure in search of secret words.
  • Cute Cat Companion: Enjoy the company of a cute cat companion who cheers you on and assists you in finding difficult words.
  • Daily Rewards and Tasks: Collect daily rewards and complete tasks to earn game currency and unlock exciting features.
  • Hint System: Access hints to aid you in challenging moments, whether you need help finding a single letter or revealing an entire word.
  • Visual and Sound Design: Immerse yourself in attractive visual and sound design that enhances the overall gameplay experience.

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