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Make 7

Make 7 is a challenging puzzle game that puts your quick addition skills to the test as you navigate through various challenges and levels. The objective is to strategically place honeycomb boxes in the play area, each holding a specific value, and create chains that add up to the sum of 7.


1. Quick Addition Challenges: Engage in quick addition challenges that require on-the-spot thinking and strategic placement of honeycomb boxes. Sharpen your addition skills as you progress through the levels.

2. Honeycomb Box Mechanics: Utilize honeycomb boxes with assigned values to form chains that add up to 7. Strategically place 1, 2, and 3 on the board, and explore combinations to achieve the target sum.

3. Chain Reactions: Experience the satisfaction of successful chain reactions. When you create a chain that adds up to 7, the corresponding boxes disappear, clearing the play area for more challenges.

4. Number Combination Strategies: Dive into a world where combining numbers is key to success. Experiment with different combinations to create larger numbers and conquer increasingly complex puzzles.

How to play Make 7

Using mouse

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