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Mahjong Quest

Mahjong Quest let's play this amazing game to match and remove all of the identical tiles from the board, a peaceful Mahjong game.

Start playing this traditional Chinese solitaire game to begin your Mahjong journey! The rules are straightforward; you simply take away matching pieces from the board until you reach your objective. If you move quickly enough, you'll be rewarded with tools and badges!


You have access to dozens of level 6 booster tools. Medals and other prizes for completing levels quickly There are new unique tiles to find. lovely oriental illustrations different tile skins and backdrops.

How to play Mahjong Quest

As you find all of the special tiles or until the board is completely cleared, match pairs of identical tiles to take them off the board. Only tiles that are free on at least one side can be matched. Match as quickly as you can to gain prizes and medals that will let you access new levels. Even if the picture is different, the season tiles match. With flower tiles, the same holds true. The rock tiles have no effect. As you choose several tiles, they flip over and become backward. You need to match scissors in order to release stuck tiles.

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