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Mahjong Handle

Mahjong Handle is a fun game inspired by the famous game Wordle which has thousands of players around the world. Mahjong Handle uses 34 Mahjong tiles to represent Roman letters and English words. After six tries or less, the player must accurately predict the hand of the day. In the extremely challenging game Mahjong Handle, you must arrange 14 tiles in the correct sequence.

How to play Mahjong Handle

The Enter key, Delete key, and 34 distinct types of mahjong tiles are displayed at the bottom in place of the alphabet. The tile will ascend to the top when you press the key. You can utilize your hand once the game is over at the East Office/South House. In other words, the tile is the green frame on the right. Press the Enter key when finished. After review, the response will be given a color. Gray indicates that it is not for Tehai, while orange indicates that it is for Tehai but in the incorrect location. Clear.

You have to predict how the tiles in your hand will be arranged when playing Mahjong Handle. There are only six phases in this and one question per day. Have a great time!

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