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Listed Game invites players into an exciting journey of property value estimation, offering a unique and engaging experience in the realm of real estate guessing. With a simple goal of predicting the sale price of a recently sold property, this game provides both entertainment and an opportunity to refine your property valuation skills.

Guess and Learn

Listed Game revolves around the fundamental concept of guessing the sale price of a property. After each guess, players receive invaluable feedback about their estimation. The feedback provides directional cues, such as "Guess much higher next time," "Guess a little higher next time," and "You win!" "Guess a little lower next time," and "Guess much lower next time."

Dynamic Learning Experience

What sets Listed Game apart is its emphasis on a dynamic learning experience. With every guess, players gain additional insights and knowledge about the property, contributing to their understanding of real estate valuation. The game challenges players to learn from each attempt, turning property estimation into an interactive and educational process.

Victory and Precision

The ultimate goal in Listed Game is to achieve victory, marked by the coveted "You win!" feedback. Additionally, the game introduces precision elements, with indicators such as "Guess a little higher/lower next time" guiding how close players are to the actual sale price. This dynamic adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the guessing game.

Entertaining and Educational

Listed Game strikes a balance between entertainment and education, making it suitable for players of various backgrounds. Whether you have a keen interest in real estate or simply enjoy testing your intuition, this game provides a fun and informative experience. It transforms the typically mundane task of property estimation into an engaging gaming adventure.

How to play Listed

Using mouse

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