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Lexagons is an engaging word game that offers a distinctive twist on word-building challenges. In this game, your goal is to construct valid words based on the available options within hexagons. Lexagons provides a daily dose of brain-teasing fun with new words to explore every day.

Features of Lexagons:

  • Daily Word Adventure: Lexagons ensures that no two days are the same by presenting you with fresh and randomized words to tackle daily. This feature keeps the game exciting and adds an element of surprise to your word-building challenges.

  • Word Extension Challenge: The heart of Lexagons lies in the art of word extension. You'll start with the beginning of a word and have six choices to make it longer. Some choices will help you create a valid word, while others may lead you astray. It's a unique and intriguing challenge that tests your word-building skills.

  • Good vs. Bad Choices: In Lexagons, you'll encounter choices that can either extend your word in a way that maintains its validity or choices that you'll want to avoid. Making incorrect choices will result in losing hearts. You have a total of three hearts, and if you lose all of them, your game ends.

  • Daily Brain Exercise: Lexagons is not just a game; it's a daily exercise for your brain. It challenges your vocabulary, word recognition, and problem-solving skills. By playing Lexagons regularly, you can enhance your language skills and keep your mind sharp.

Are You Ready to Take on the Lexagons Challenge?

Lexagons is not your typical word game. It offers a unique and daily word-building challenge that keeps you on your toes. With its blend of good and bad choices, Lexagons is a game of strategy and wit that's perfect for word enthusiasts and puzzle lovers.

Challenge yourself with Lexagons and put your word-building skills to the test. Can you make the right choices and extend the word correctly, or will you fall into the trap of bad choices? Play now and embark on the daily word-building adventure with Lexagons!

How to play Lexagons

  • 6 options will be shown to you to extend the word from its beginning.
  • Some are good, expanding the term in a way that allows it to still potentially become a recognized word (if it hasn't already).
  • You should stay away from the terrible ones. Each time you break your word, a heart is lost. You're out if you lose all three.

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